Robb Lust, Certified Professional Trainer

Robb is a graduate of The National K-9 School for Dog Trainers.   He certified in obedience training, Personal Protection, Drug Detection, Search & Rescue. Robb has been training owners and dogs since 1995.  Robb teaches dog behavior through his monthly radio call in shows, school visits and lectures.
The Edgefield Animal Care Center 
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Edgefield's Dog College
Obedience training is not the simple act of teaching your dog a command.  We think obedience training is about communication.  We teach you why your dog does what it does and what your dog expects from you.  Our training is based on understanding the pack hierarchy and how your dog looks at you as either a leader or a follower.  We teach you to be a leader.   Helping you understand what it takes to be a leader in your dog's eyes will help you to change your dog's behavior.  We use positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement, much like a dog would recieve within a pack but in a fair and consistent way. 
For training to work YOU must be willing to take over the leadership role.  Once this is established you and your dog's relationship will be much better and your understanding of your dog's behavior will increase tenfold.

Private Lesson Programs

Schedule a Private Lesson program with Robb and your dog.

Residency Programs
One, two and three week residence programs available.  In these programs your dog comes to Edgefield and stays.  During that time your dog is taught it's commands and how to behave in everyday situations.  When you come to pick up your dog you will start a series of follow-up lessons with Robb where you will learn what you need to do to reinforce the training at home.


Other Services Available:
Puppy Preschool
Pre-Purchase Counseling
Individual Lessons
Corporate Dog Safety Seminars
Behavioral Counseling

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